Wednesday. 05 December 2018

Bridge Business Models Working Group Second Report: Business Models Issues (April 2018)

After a first activity report released to the European Commission early 2017, the BRIDGE Business Models Working Group (BM WG) re-structured internally so as to better tackle specific issues identified by its members related to Business Models in the different BRIDGE projects. This restructuration of the BM WG generated the following 4 Sub Working Groups (SWGs)

-Business models aspects in Regulated Activities;

-Business models for Local Energy Management;

-Business models for Energy Storage;

-Business models for Demand Response.

Based on this new structure, the members of each SWG have delivered a first version of main findings & recommendations with action plans for the first half of 2018.The full report is available in this link.

Enjoy the reading and do not hesitate to share!

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