Tuesday. 28 April 2020

INTEGRID: New business models to distribution grid stakeholders under high penetration of DER

19 May, 2020 @ 2:00 pm ā€“ 3:00 pm

In a context with high penetration of distributed energy resources, the smartening and digitalization of distribution grids enable unlocking the potential of distributed flexibilities. However, new business models are necessary to make this a reality. This webinar will explore some of these new business models, with a focus on four main agents, namely DSOs, aggregators, end-users, and data service providers. The challenges and opportunities for these stakeholders are discussed, with an emphasis on perspective of the DSO as neutral market facilitator and distribution system optimizer.
The work presented in this webinar is part of the European H2020 project Integrid.

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This webinar is organized as an event of the ISGAN Academy program.

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