Wednesday. 13 May 2020

InteGrid – Scalability and Replicability results & Replication Roadmap

20 May, 2020 @ 11:00 am ā€“ 12:15 pm

Integrid invites you to its webinar focusing on the presentation of the results obtained in the Scalability and Replicability Analysis (SRA) performed in the project.

The analysis presents four points of views (areas of interest, which can be mapped to the SGAM) which analyze the set of solutions developed in Integrid. Additionally, the Webinar exposes the best practices (recommendations) generated out of the experience acquired over the analysis and the potential replication roadmaps. The webinar contains certain level of interaction (polls and survey) which results will be incorporated in the documentation of the project as external outputs.

Please register here. For more information, consult the Integrid website.

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