GIFT is an innovative project that aims to decarbonise the energy mix of European islands through holistic energy management, trading and innovative storage solutions.


GoFlex will innovate, integrate and demonstrate smart-grid technologies, enabling the cost effective use of demand response in distribution grids: increasing the grids available adaptation capacity, safely supporting an increasing share of renewable electricity generation, improving observability and manageability of distribution grid for use of demand response and supporting localized concentration of prosumers DR for DSO to prevent congestion and energy imbalance.


GRIDSOL proposes Smart Renewable Hubs, where a core of synchronous generators (CSP and biogas combined cycle HYSOL) is integrated with PV under a dynamic control system (DOME), self-regulating and providing ancillary grid services thanks to firm, flexible generation on a single output, tailored to a specific location, relieving pressure on the TSO.

The project will research a Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME) to ensure operation efficiency and grid stability with higher RES penetration, and a multi-tower concept for CSP cost reduction and efficiency improvement, to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by getting the most of each renewable primary source.


IElectrix contributes to the European ambition through Citizens Energy Communities. This project accelerates the integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the distribution networks and the decarbonization of the energy system.


INSULAE aims at helping islands find locally produced, sustainable and low-cost sources of energy. The project develops interventions linked to seven replicable use cases at three Lighthouse Islands (in Croatia, Denmark and Portugal). The goal is to demonstrate their capability to evolve RES-based systems up to 70 % cheaper than diesel. To assist Europe’s policymakers, the project designs an investment planning tool to be displayed at four Follower Islands in Germany, Greece, Spain and France DOM/TOM for the improvement of related action plans.


InteGrid aims at demonstrating how DSOs enable the different stakeholders to actively participate in the energy market and to develop and implement new business models, making use of new data management and consumer involvement approaches. This project looks for demonstrating scalable and replicable solutions in an integrated environment that enable DSOs to plan and operate the network with a high share of DRES in a stable, secure and economic way, using flexibility inherently offered by specific technologies and by interaction with different stakeholders.