Friday. 08 March 2019

BRIDGE Coordination Meeting March 2019 in Brussels

During the 12th and 13th March 2019, the European Commission in Brussels will host the BRIDGE Coordination Meeting. More than 40 European funded projects will be represented during this meeting, they will have the opportunity to exchange on various topics and feed the debates based on their personal experiences. DG Energy from European Commission will also provide a presentation on Clean Energy 4 all Europeans.

This two-day session will be the occasion for the project participants to address innovation in network management, energy communities & self-consumption, smart charging for electro-mobility or cybersecurity & resilience. Transversal subjects will be also in the agenda, covering replicability between projects and organisation of joint communication/events. Participants will exchange on their personal views and experiences gained through their EU funded projects.

All the participants will enjoy feedbacks from ended projects, their best practices to operate Key exploitable results and launched them into the market, but also the barriers encountered during the project and their way to overcome.

8 newcomers in the BRIDGE initiative will describe their plan and expectations for the coming years: COMPILE, CoordiNet, E-LAND, GIFT, INTERRFACE, MERLON, MUSE GRIDS, REACT.

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