The EU-funded ACCEPT aims to design a digital toolbox that will enable the delivery of compound Demand Response services to prosumers within Energy Communities and at the same time enable their participation in energy markets through the formulation of community-based Virtual Power Plants.


AnyPLACE is a European project that will develop a modular energy management system capable monitoring and  controlling local devices according to the preferences of end-users.

It will allow end-users to manage their energy expenditure and to become more efficient. Users will be able to take part in new energy services and take advantage of dynamic price tariffs to minimise their energy costs.


A cross-stakeholder energy-centered value chain open and interoperable framework for big data-driven AI-based analytics energy services


BD4OPEM develops an open innovation marketplace where, through an analytic toolbox that integrates solutions based on artificial intelligence, products and services to improve the monitoring, operation, maintenance and planning of electrical distribution grids are made available to stakeholders.


A participatory process to bring individual consumers center stage to deliver community-centered DR, combining social-science-driven user experience design with innovative technologies



The main aim of COMPILE is to show the opportunities of energy islands for decarbonisation of energy supply, community building and creating environmental and socioeconomic benefits.