Tuesday. 28 September 2021

Check out the new BRIDGE Brochure 2021!

A new brochure has been published this week highlighting the work of the EU’s BRIDGE cooperation initiative – a programme which unites research and innovation projects in the areas of smart grid, energy storage, islands and digitalisation. Since the initiative was launched in 2016, 90 projects have been actively involved, and so far they have received close to EUR 1 billion in grants through Horizon 2020 from the EU budget. Altogether, BRIDGE projects involve approximately 1000 organisations coming from 40 countries.

The new report provides a rich description of EU supported projects (2014-2020) in the areas of consumer, digital, grid, small and large-scale storage and generation technologies. It offers information on a broad range of technologies and services, tested by participating projects and includes 2-page factsheet profiles of each project. The publication provides all the necessary information to explore the context, scope and impact of all the projects developed, the consortium partners, the geographical coverage of the projects and the funding received.

View the Brochure HERE


BRIDGE aims at fostering the exchange of information, experience, knowledge, and best practices among its members. By providing field experience, feedback and lessons learned from the participating projects, the BRIDGE initiative is aimed at  helping to overcome the barriers to effective innovation.

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